15. May 2017 decona

Ved Stranden – New lavatory to Copenhagen city

Ved Stranden

Soon to come, the old and beautiful street will get a new public lavatory for its citizens and visitors. It is exciting to bring this news on the sanitation solution. Ved Stranden is an old street in central Copenhagen between Højbroplads and Holmen’s Canal. The street is an extension of Gammel Strand and bounds up to Slotsholm Channel, where several prominent buildings located here.

The Ministry of Defense is located in the large building on the eastern part of the street. All the houses are preserved while the last mentioned isn’t.

The area has been a popular motif for many painters of the Golden Age from approximately year 1800 to 1850.

We have had the honor of designing and producing the lavatory that should fit in a historical place where the old meets the new. This refers to long lasting design concept, where the vision is to create a unit, that relates to Copenhagen’s predominantly classical buildings and new buildings to complement the historical, present and future city, thus helping to create coherence in and across each urban space.

Ved Stranden, Copenhagen

Photo credit: Nick S