6. April 2017 decona

Nytorv – Lavatory

Genesis of Nytorv

In the years 1606-10, King Christian IV ordered that Copenhagen City Hall should expand and have a modernization. He wanted a City Hall, which was the city worthy. A part of this process was the establishment of a new square. The area  was behind the City Hall, which at the time faced the Old Square/Gammeltorv. This was later colloquially to Nytorv.

Before the order from the king, to clear the surrounding area, Nytorv was densely populated. The capital breeding farm had location here with its stables. Also the members of the City Council had their homes here. Today the old City Hall is being used as Copenhagen City Court. Nytorv is a public meeting place as it has location right up to the busy shopping street, Strøget, with many visitors every year. Decona has designed and will deliver the lavatory to the square and we are happy to be a part of the historical Copenhagen.


Photo credit: Leif Jørgensen