17. August 2017 decona

Newsrack – Metro Expands in Boston and so do we!

Our newsrack is in Boston 

In cooperation with one of the biggest free daily newspaper publishers Metro US and MBTA (Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority),. it is now possible to see our newly designed self-service newsrack in subways for the commuters in the Boston area.

The new racks have been designed specifically for Boston subways. Thoughts behind the design is based on Scandinavian design traditions and has been tailored for Metro’s brand- and visual identity.

What we want to achieve with the design is simple and easy accessibility. With a simple and functional design, we’ve puts the focus back on the core purpose. Witch is: providing news for people living busy lives, exposing more people to the world around them. A key role of superior design is to avoid getting in the way of the original purpose.

What we do is simply support and amplify it.


This it as a greater part of a service that ensures the free daily newspapers are available for commuters inside subway stations across Boston, that brings mutual benefits to all parties.

We have worked with, not only the design of the rack, but also observations on human behavior in the subways. With these observations, we have avoided doors and raised the shelf to provide easy one-handed access to the newspapers.

But the easy goes beyond grabbing the paper. One of the features of the innovative design is the 10-degree incline of the shelf to make the frontpage more visible. This way commuters get a quick overview the main headlines from a distance.

A combination of placement, look and intuitive ease of use will meet the readers where they are and on their terms, while also representing the identity of the media outlet it distributes.


Rack Boston 2

Metro Media

Photo credit: Metro Boston


To read more about Metro in Boston – Press the link below:

Metro Expands In Boston