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Copenhagen Light Festival 2018

Light up Copenhagen!

Copenhagen Light Festival are the organizer of the event and will have their debut in 2018, which will be supported by the municipality of Copenhagen, organizations and commercial players.

What is CPH Light Festival?

From the 2nd of February to the 2nd March 2018 there is an opportunity to see the central part of the city lit up in different forms of design and art installations.

A lot of light artists, designers and students will, in this period, unfold their creativity and you can visit the various locations in the city to see different work types that can contains permanent, semi-permanent and temporary installations, such as;

  • Beautiful, captivating temporary sculptural elements or staging of urban
    spaces, historic buildings and the cultural district with lights and colors
  • Dynamic light experiences such as film, moving heads, and with time pixel mapping
  • Listed activities such as dark walks, city cycling or night-running with lights
  • Interactive light experiences – citizens and tourists are involved, staging or
    managing / contributing themselves
  • Artistic lighting experiences that includes sound
  • The city’s existing light experiences are included and highlighted


Picture below is a map of the different installations in the various locations.

Photo credit: CPH Light Festival

Photo credit: CPH Light Festival

Photo credit: CPH Light Festival
Photo credit: CPH Light Festival

Source and photo credit: CPH Light Festival 2018

For more information about the bright event? Check out the link: http://copenhagenlightfestival.org